Holiday Float Season Finale

The excitement of opening day has made it through the season to the last waning days.  My excitement peaked when Russ Mitchell showed interest in a late season probing of the Deschutes.  Russ was fresh off an autograph and publicity tour.  Vintage sports memorabilia kills in the collectors circuit.  Russ is no stranger.  As an all conference snatch-back for the Redmond State Sasquatch, Russ developed a following.  Enough said.  A true legend!  He occasionally pulls and old jersey or some shorts out of the hamper for a ‘yard sale’  The die hards sniff it out days before any signs are hung.

I was excited to put him on some Rudolph redbands before the season closed. Instructed on the rigging, I directed him to the river and a likely set of seams and pockets.  At depth the action is quick and sporty.  Spit hooks and fumbles at the bank are expected and not appreciated.

I was seeing glimpses of spotted tail escaping me with repeated monotony all night.

Lots of tail today

Lots of tail today

The size of the fish impressed me.  The true pigs were still feading on drift and eggs in the prime lies.  A few large “nookies” were out doing their thing and enjoying the holiday gravels; the trout were aware and tuned in.  Mixed with steel it made for a fun day.

Russ  " I horsed 'em"

Russ ” I horsed ’em”

He thinks I dropped his leviathan Rudolph at the bank on purpose.  Either way the story is forever forged in our brain matter, and sworn to copyright ownership of Turb Media Group.

holiday present wrapped in the colors of the season

Holiday present wrapped in the colors of the season

Wading skill and stamina are required!  Sportiness cannot be under estimated.

hooked up!

hooked up!

I enjoyed watching Russ probe.  He figured it out as the trout schooled him lesson by lesson.  At one point I heard him say “I wish I caught a third of what you just hooked down there.”  I gave him the best water, and my custom flies that get to the zone fast and stay there…until WHAM fish on!!  That shut him up!

I had trouble with the hooking:landing.  I hooked, and landed several pigs throughout the day and shook-loose over a dozen more.  The combination of downstream angle to the fish, fast current, and instinctive well conditioned end of the season violent head-shaking behavior, left the trout winning the hook:land score.  Action was consistent and the fish seemed aggressive.

Client is happy happy

Guide says “Client is happy, happy, happy”

Action was callable in select locations.  Russ concentrated for the last few strikes.

Intense!!! Grab him look

Intense!!! Grab him look

By the end you are wet, cold, and tried of hucking the beaded monster and custom egg.

A sense of “I have had enough” starts to settle in as you realize how wet you are as the sun parts quicker and quicker.

Back at the rig we debriefed and loaded gear.   We make our peace until next spring and allow the river to rest and recharge.

debriefed dismissal still pending

Debriefed.  Dismissal still pending and no more autographs

Conservation does not need a paper weight.

Conserve our healthy places and support advocates of wild.

Have a Turbulicious Holiday!