Swung the fly–winter steelhead

Classic "over the shoulder"

Classic “over the shoulder”

Oregon winter steelhead  Photo-book January 2013

First Oregon winter steelhead on a fly swung off the two hander.

Photo Credits



Barton Ltd


Fish the Swing

Oh my!  Thanks edhepp.com

Oh my!
Photo of the year 2013
Thanks edhepp.com


Thanks edhepp.com and Fish the Swing

Just a few more shots to tell the story

Gentle now

Gentle now

Follow the glow 1

Getting “Pumped Up” Oregon Coast

Pumped up

Pumped up

Warning Please no....

Warning Please no….

Well Hmmm</p><p>That's gooey!

Well Hmmmmm
That is gooey! You should see the grub style

Next time fresh sand shrimp under a float.

Are you up for it?

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