Deschutes River Fishing Report September 12th, 2012

Just a quick report on the steelhead fishing from the lower Deschutes.  I skipped out of work at noon this past Wednesday and headed to the lower Deschutes River.  After a quick sandwich at the pizza shop in Maupin I picked up a snack for the afternoon at the market and headed down river to my goto spots.  The plan was to land a few fish on the spinning setup then try out my new Watermaster Kodiak Raft and swing some prime water with the two-handed fly rod.  I am still trying to figure out my mojo with the whole swinging thing and need some more time behind the cork.

I banked two fish in my goto lies in 30 minutes.  Two nice wild fish.  Got my self photo, and thanked the steelhead gods for the oh so nice feel of the throb on the rod and buzz of the drag.

wild steel strikes again!

I headed back to the rig and unloaded my Watermaster for the first time on a bluff over looking a likely steelhead run where fishing from a bar in the river was always on my mind.  I did not have an anchor so I rummaged through my truck and found the bag that housed my jumper cables and decide that if I filled it with rocks it should to the trick.  I packed the vessel and my essential gear down to the river, made my anchor and pushed off.

I started with Idlywilde tube and cone weight to reach what I felt was the desired depth for action.  My goal was to hook up,  but more so work on my casting stroke and swing.  Just about when I was getting into the grove the slack in my skagit head took off as I was setting up a nice swing.  Missed strike!

I continued through the run and then changed files.  Saw a few fish roll in the tailout, but no more tugs.  Maybe next time.  I jumped back into the Watermaster and ferried back to shore.  I feel this boat will (or already has) changed the way rivers are fished.  Enough said.

This site is not about spots or secrets.

Thanks RIch!

It was pricy, but for some reason I already know that I will “catch more fish”

Regardless of the reports on the Columbia there are fish in the Deschutes.

Looking for the perfect loop


With the Kodiak endless opportunities await

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